Chief Inspector, CWI, 510, 570, 650, 653, NACE, Project Manager, NDE Auditor, Level III 
Prime Compliance Solutions is committed to providing only the most highly skilled and certified CWI’s, Chief Inspectors, and NACE Inspectors for your project. Let them fully vet the welding process from start to finish, verify compliance with welding and coating procedures. Many of our inspectors are cross trained so they provide more value and can complete tasks across multiple disciplines.
We perform vessel and piping inspection, review documents, verify the quality of radiographic film and much much more!! We supply the quality and expertise that the industry desperately needs. With decades of highly trained individuals at your disposal.
Starting a major construction project? Let us be your eyes and ears throughout the manufacturing and installation process. Whether the project entails process piping, vessels, pump skids, or an entire unit, our team can observe, report, and correct the problems that occur, before they get out of control. Prime Compliance Solutions has decades of experience in Construction, NDE, Welding, Coating, and related activities. We give you the peace of mind that vendors are adhering to procedures, specifications, and programs set forth by the contract.
Why we are the right company for you.

At Prime Compliance Solutions we are about two things, being the best the industry has to offer and excellent customer service. We value our employees, strive for excellence, grow their value, and build customer relationships that last.

1. Striving for Excellence 
We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. Our experience and history of success with our clients and their projects speaks for itself.

2. Customer Service 
The complex, important, and often critical services on which we work are demanding. In turn we offer a direct line of communication from customer to management. We will respond immediately mitigating any issues or concerns as they arise. 

3. Results 
We complete the tasks that make our project manager's jobs run as planned. We remain committed to meeting our customer's needs. 
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